Journalist on the runway to SHANGHAI :DD

{May 23, 2008}   Tiring day.

Gosh,I knew that it had been a long time since my last post. And I had neglected my personal blog to blog in wordpress. As I promised,I will blog here everyday. Tomorrow is the day of ET+WDL trip to Shanghai. lollll. >.<

I haven’t even touched the luggage or any packing. Not I’m lazy but I dunno fromw hich point to start the packing. Hahha. Aloot thing need to buy so I’m going out soon after blogging. Yesterday was a very tiring day and I got so tired that I jumped onto my comfortable bed and just lie at there w/o thinking the day after tomorrow I need to go already. Then this morning I woke up and I thought ” Oh shit,am I leaving tomorrow or sunday? Have I packed already? *blur and unconcious condition. ”

Silly me. I was so damn blur till I dont know what am I doing. D: Packing is so troublesome. And I’m a absent-minded person. I need someone to remind me everything and now there’s nobody leaving with me except my cousin. She’s is my housekeeper and she’s gonna help me do my packing. She always does the packing for my sister,I remember. Hhahha. And she really promised to help me pack ; she ask me to pull out all my clothes with I want to bring with. So niceeeee lah~ *sigh. There is still many things to be settled and packed. So everbody,aza aza fighting.

See ya,tomorrow. (:


{May 19, 2008}   A tiring day!

wonderchan |

Life won’t be beautiful without death, and happiness won’t mean anything if you don’t ever feel sad. ) “


WonderChan makes a point there. Bravo!


Today I’m so tired lorh. Went out to SG for shop with Noele. & her mommy tgt too [: So damn tired ; cos we walked all the way from here to there, at Jalan Arab cause we wanna buy the diamonds. Sians diao. We walked and search up and down. WTH. The hot sun burnt us okays. And Noele’s mom joked with me that she had use the UV ( dunno what number. I think 8.1 ) to protect her skin. Hahhah LOLS. WTH! We went to eat somewhere and we keep find place where is air-conditioned. We looked so pathetic okays. In the end, we found the STUPID nehneh shop lor. Bcos he sells thing very ex. Argh. But not to waste our effort,we bought something there which cost us a BIGBOMB! d: Then we went Bugis. That frugging Noele lah, insisted to Bugis street so we acc her go. And in the end,we also bought something. Hahhahah.

{May 17, 2008}   ; courage

«Okays, life still have to go on… *sigh. Its always UN-PERFECT-FOOL!♥

I came across with this superb friend of mine when I was chatting with him in MSN. I asked him, “why you always so optimistic one? you dont have any worries one mehs?” Then he replied and said “Erm,of course. Why look at life in such negative light? Life’s short. Enjoy it while you can” I admired his way of living in this world,so optimistic in whatever he do. Lolll./ He always encouraged me when I was superb down. And I knew life is still going on. But something I dont really accept the way of people doing. EMO-ING. Arghh.

Up and down ; up and down. Let’s face the fact and always remind yourself. Dont take something that don’t belong to you. ;DD


Shanghai ; oh-no. I’m intended to have last-mins packing. & I always do that. *sigh. When it comes to pack thingy. I had a lazy feeling. Can we just bring nothing but passport only? Lolll./ Thou I sound lame and stupid. But I really feel to bring nothing over there. Empty in my hands. I feel good :DD  


Oh people. Put a (R) – rainbow in front of your MSN nick and MSN will donate 20cents each to the Chengdu Victims. Please help and spread to your friends. Thanks you. Pleaseee spreadddddddd~ Let’s Chengdu’s victim have a bright future pppluuuueeeeseee.! >.<

{May 16, 2008}   ; ilovecandies

Ever wonder what is REAL FRIENDSHIP?


Well, have you wonder what is true friendship?

Friendship. Yes, that is what I mention right now. I really love to make friend. Ohmygod. Regardless of sex,looks,race or religion please! I’m so hyper high when I meet new friends. Isn’t that a gift from god to you? It is also FATE okays. Recently I met a SembawangPri kiddies. They are so adorable and cute ok. I adore them,gosh. I have a very deep impression of this lil kid who called Sweeling. She is a sweetie okay. She so damn efficient cause she found my friendster account in about less than 24hours?! She add me and I was like so shock. Alamak,she so efficient lah. Hhhaha. I am really looking forward to know more about this sweet babe. Although I just know her less than 24 hours,but isn’t it a gift from god to let me know her? I treasure that because I undergo a real true friendship during AYCL camp in JJC. Those memories cannot use money to buy that. Believe me,stop those emo-ing,anti-social stuff. Start making friends. It’s a most enjoyable thingy.


Hello people. I’m sorry to say that I’m now is so so so tired. So I shall just briefly talk about today. We had fun today. Well,mainly because I knew two Sembawang Primary little kids. I forgotten their names but I remember SweeLing and Sherliene* (I think so is ). They’re are just sweet lil kids. Forwarding to know more of them. I love adorable young kids. And thou there was something happened just now which upset alot of us. I think we shouldn’t push any blame to anybody. Maybe teacher decide the decision mainly because there is valid reason behind. Well,I know maybe I never get paired to somebody I dont like,so I dunno how was the feeling. But something I can say is I hope things get to solved and it is nobody fault. No one is to blamed.! >.<

“*MissChew is cuteee lah. She said I bullied her when I ask her for a free ride. Lolllll/. And I realised Bixuan,Me,Serene and Daphne is SUPERACTCUTE.  Hahhha.


Shhanghai Journey starting soon. Let you get to know our sweet nicknames,people. >.<

  • Bixuan aka Electron (Chemistry) ;
  •  LiYing aka MaryChan * ( I have no idea how I got this name,and I was told that I’m a maid from Philippines. Lolllll./ ) 
  •  Noele aka Fatimah * ( She is a maid too but from Indonesia ) 
  •  ElaineHuang aka 3ratedBollywoodstar * ( Hermm..a sexualcontent movie main lead )

More to go..


WE ARE READY TO BE THE SHANGHAI’S JOKER and DON’T WORRY. We are nice people. Oh,you guys can add my MSN&FACEBOOK . and FRIENDSTER. Peeps ou there, I’m super nice person and friendly not only me but also ShanghaiTwinningProgramme2008 index number from 21 to 29. 😀

{May 15, 2008}   Miles my love to you.

MaryChan down to her showcast 😀

Adorable us!

Oh,I forgotten to intro that arrow lady. She is a famous Bollywood3rated star. Her name is HyperElaineHuangShuJuan. She is a hypermadgirl/

That is just none others,my dearest sweetheart/

Hey people.
Thousands year seemed I never update.
Sorry people. I focus too much in the Shanghai’s blog.
Well, I neglected this and I apologies/.
Okay,back to the point ; I’m leaving in one week like that.
And today I was superhigh la , I meant happy cos I met two Sembawang pri kiddies.
They so nice la. I think their name are Sherlynn and SweeLing.
Hhahhha..Many things got us upset just now.
I hope it will be alright soon. 😦
& I love-d MissKatherineChew lah.
She said I bullied her when I asked her to offer me a free ride.
Hahhha. So cutttteeee la.
And I dunno since when Bixuan,Me,Daphne,and Serene turned SUPERACTCUTE.
That was told by Miss Tan.
I’m so tired now.

{May 14, 2008}   Let’s pichas speaks.

LOL. I got a lil bit fed-up with the connection. Blah. Anyw,I have a great time today knowing new friends with some Sec2. And Miss ELAINEHUANGSHUJUAN what so ever name. Hhaaha :DD She is the world famous Bollywood 3rated*hmms Actress. In details to say,she is a sexy babe in every movie she acts. Lollll/. Cool pretty sexy awww babe. lalala. She damn screwed up and we were like kee-siaoing today. Took pichas,having fun lah. And Mary is on her way to Shanghai. MARYCHAN what ever. This name looked just so awful Yucks. And there’s even Fatimah aka Noele,Proton aka Bixuan and more to go. I’ll keep you guys in post. So the next time you saw them,they can be named as these NAMES. Aites,I shall now continue back to my elearning. Goodbye,people and shall keep you guys in post. 😀

{May 13, 2008}   Down to oneweekfewdays

Mdm Ding called me today and gave me a shock. *sigh. She almost cried ; i can hear from her voice. She’s a nice cher. She called and told me “Liying,I’m Mdm Ding. I did a most stupid thing in the world. I lost your cheque” I was like huh.?!?! So sian diao. GG lah. She frightened herself and I was like : But I haven’t pay the $1400 leh. Then she was like Really?Wahh,frightened me to death liao. I can hear from her voice that she was really in shock state. Takecare,people. I’m so lazy right now 😀

{May 13, 2008}   Silly sotong D:

 lol./ *ps : Thanks MissTan for your suggestion. Its nice to have a few ideas and knowing what’s thing is going on. Eg. I really dont have the idea to buy gifts for patners. (: But it seems MsTan had gotten some shops to choose absolutely perfect gift. AzaAza fighting.! >.< Oh yeah, I realised many people had mixed up the Shanghai’s Parent meet day! Some say thurs, some said tmr, some said weds. Okays. Eventually the day is on THURSDAY. hhaha. 

Noele’s wordpress. ;  ( this silly girl got this weird wordpress and her password is …. Well, she is so crazy now. *ps. Cant stand of her. Hhaha )

*I was laughing like mad person when she was busy choosing the link. At first she said emocratics..then sudden she say dont want she want sotongtrip. I was like “huh?sotongtrip?” Then she so damn thick-skinned and say ‘eh,i show you one nice blog. go to . Then i say okok.. I was still like blur lor. I dint know it was hers too. Okays *hiakhiak.

{May 11, 2008}   Pretty gifts.

Well,great think in mind.

What is the best gifts to buy when you dunno whether the person is a guy or girl?

Its just so troublesome.

Have to buy gift that both sex can use one…



; Journalist arejustSuperforwardingthisVALENTINEtrip! :DD

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